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In partnership with ArtSpace LifeSpace and Bristol City Council, Bristol based fine artist Susie Ramsay presents a new collection of paintings in her solo exhibition ‘Rooftops and Archways’. Continuing her focus on Bristol’s architectural landscapes, visitors will be able to view ten new paintings of the city for the first time.


Building upon her most recent exhibition ‘Streets, Lanes and Skylines’ (2016), Susie presents a collection of work that captures the cities viewpoints and hidden corners, with each painting providing a fresh perspective of the city.


About the exhibition, Susie said: “The aim of my new work is to present a bold and contemporary vision of Bristol. This collection presents a freer series of paintings than previous exhibitions, capturing the spirit and vibrancy of the city. My work is inspired by how the natural world impacts on our built environment. How a change in light, weather or season can transform our daily city landscape. ‘Rooftops and Archways’ is about revealing the hidden parts of Bristol and presenting the city in a new light”.


The exhibition includes paintings of: Bird Cage Walk, Arnos Vale Cemetary, Colston Street, Victoria Street, Cliftonwood, Hotwells and the Granary Building.


Susie will be present at the exhibition to discuss the work and future projects.


Limited edition prints and cards will be available to purchase from the exhibition or in advance from my shop.


For more information and updates please visit my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and #RABristol2018.





The Vestibules

City Hall

College Green




Tuesday 10th - 13th April 2018, 10-6pm


Private view: 

Thursday 12th April 2018, 5-7pm

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