'Postcards from the road - sketches from Bristol to Brindisi, 2013

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Roll for the Soul, 2 Quay Street, Bristol BS1 2JL from 16th November - 18th December 2013.


On 4 May 2013 I set off from my hometown of Bristol to cycle to Brindisi on the heel of Italy. A distance of over 3,000 kilometres from my front door to the end of the Via Appia.


The trip would follow the classic route from Calais to Brindisi designed by Audax UK, plus an additional Bristol to Dover section. This mainly followed quiet rural roads whilst occasionally passing through large cities such as London, Paris and Bologna, then finally along the length of the Adriatic coast of Italy.


Today individuals document their travels in many different ways; through photography, travel writing and blogging. As an artist and a cyclist this was an opportunity for me to create something different and to present the realities of life on the road.


These drawings started as an attempt to document the key moments of the trip. From the lonely flat plains of central France, to the mountain passes of the Alps and the busy Italian piazzas. Each postcard tells a story of a single moment or a particular scene that captured the essence of that day. Together the sketches tell the story of seven weeks of hills, headwinds and brutal heat.


These postcards were developed from sketches completed during the trip and worked up from photographs while back in Bristol.


The exhibition presents 45 6" x 4" pen and ink drawings representing 49 days of cycle touring.


Postcards and giclee prints of eight of the sketches are available to purchase through the online shop.


Other postcards and prints of this series are available to buy on request, please contact me for details.